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Simple serverless data pipeline using AWS Kinesis and AWS Lambda
Example implementation of data pipeline based on serverless offerings by AWS. Data arrive to AWS Kinesis, processed by AWS Lambda and then stored in AWS DynamoDb.
Your very own Kubernetes cluster on Azure (ACS)
Small instruction how to run your own Kubernetes Cluster on Azure Container Service and deploy hello world applicaiton.
The most easy way to try TensorFlow (anywere including Windows)
Small instruction how to run Tesnsorflow(without GPU) to play with.
Interesting Findings #3
New findings: Chocolatey package for miniconda, some fun with NodeJS, Amazon Beanstalk, Docker on Windows, DNX, CoreCLR, Splunk
Interesting Findings #2
New findings: Kinect and Kinect 2.0, D3, My lab for SolidWorks
Interesting Findings #1
New findings: Kinect is easy, Kinect WPF integration :(, Kinect and HTML interfaces, MVVM WPF in 2015, AngularJS findings
Terminal access from Windows Phone to VM somewhere™ in cloud
Suppose you are in situation when you need to edit and then run some Python code, or C++ or whatever. And you need to this from your Windows Phone. What you will do? Okay, most obvious solution is just to run one of the compliers that send your code somewhere and return result. You can […]
Octave on Windows
For me this is third attempt to complete ML course on Coursera , wish me lack so I have time to eventually complete it. In general I prefer to use Python for my studies, I like IPython, numpy and just Python, but for this course Andrew Ng decided to go with Octave, so I need […]
R Language – Newbie tricks
Disclaimer: I just completed Data Analysis course on Coursera, so this tricks could look very naїve. First trick is to use RStudio. Main reason is that RStudio makes it more visible of what are you doing now. Plot something and this plot will be right behind your eyes. Load data and you will see list […]
My Surface RT (Gen 1)
I own Surface RT. This post is all about my subjective opinions about it. TL;DR; What I like: Accounts. It was planned that it will be used as personal device. It does not. So now we have three account. My wife’s account, she writes some stuff, my account – almost for student work and what […]
SharePoint + Twitter Bootstrap = Less Hack
Developing for SharePoint 2010 is unhealthy. You cannot use last .NET features, you cannot use last JavaScript stuff and at the end you cannot use last CSS goodies. Of course, I want all this stuff. This post is about small hack that will give you Bootstrap styles in your SharePoint pages. What the problem? Well, […]
Apache Thrift journey on .NET
I needed fast protocol for cross-process communication. There are many options, and Apache Thrift one of them. So I decided to give it a try. This is quote from project site: The Apache Thrift software framework, for scalable cross-language services development, combines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work […]
PsGet News #2: new modules
I LOVE PSGET. There reason is simple, it works even if I do not have time maintain it Anyway we have some new modules I want to highlight. Modules posh-npm  – Integration of the Node.js to PowerShell console. Adds tab completion and other goodies. PSBabushka – A configuration management framework built in PowerShell to help […]

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Where do we keep our application configuration settings?
Web-related development tools I used in 2011
PsGet News #1: features, new modules, challenges
Script to commit with message taken from JIRA ticket
Health monitoring for our production
How do we automatically deploy with Mercurial and TeamCity
Execute business logic in separate application domain
IEnumerable could be considered harmful...
PsGet got its very own central directory
Download files with PowerShell
Transfer files with PowerShell Remoting
Introducing PsUrl and PsGet
Node.NET: Modern non-blocking IO API in .NET
Introducing innovative stuff in .NET. Read more!
Kiev ALT.NET: First event dedicated to DDD and CQRS
Yep! We are moving on. Welcome our first event. Read more!
UNETA talk how F# could be used by virtually normal people
I think, now is good time to make small talk what F# is all about. Announce of the upcoming UNETA talk on subject. Read more!
Mock friendly System.Reflection API, positive changes in .NET 4.0
Overview of the mocking in System.Reflection API. Some good changes in .NET 4.0 Read more!
Ideal Storage for Event Sourcing
Some subjective thoughts about potential storage dedicated for Event Sourcing. Read more!
Reactive Extensions API: Domain Events Example
Example Domain Events implementation with Reactive Extensions. Probably first example of the server side business logic with Rx :). Read more!
Does Event Sourcing work with DDD?
Kind of yet another technic to organize business logic. Read more!
NET 4.0: New and useful LINQ extensions to the IEnumerable
Cool stuff that comes with Reactive Framework API. Hope it really will be part of the .NET 4.0 Read more!
FsSpec: Introducing yet another Unit Testing/BDD framework for F#
Yet another Unit Testing/BDD framework for F#. Inspired by RSpec syntax. Read more!
Can you guess error in this Java code snippet?
I love “guess error” kind of posts. This is first of mine. Snippet is all about GWT Java code. Read more!
Early review: Master Data Services November CTP
First attempt to view on the Microsoft Master Data Services November 2009 CTP. Read more!
What to watch at PDC09?
Small reviews of the PDC09 videos/sessions. Read more!
Microsoft Office Outlook 2010: How to connect e-mail account hosted on Windows Live Custom Domains?
Funny, but Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 does not support e-mail accounts hosted on Windows Live Custom Domains. I found not less funny solution :). Read more!
Google Wave - GWT is probably a wrong technology choice
Inspired by Google Wave invitation, thougths about suitability of the GWT for RIA. Read more!
Not so generic Generic Repository
Nice (at least I hope) solution that will end war between people who use generic repository and who do not. Read more!
Simple WCF Client by contract and without svcutil
You can share contracts of the WCF service? Here you can find much more robust way to instantiate client. Read more!
Semantic meaning of the read methods
What is the difference between GetOrder(id) and FindOrder(id)? Read more!
Thoughts on non-blocking sequential number generation
Failed take to design non-blocking sequential number generation. Read more!
Code-generation DSL with T4 (Text Templates)
Bored with repeatable code? Need a real example of the T4 (Text Templates)? Need tools to write .NET Configuration Sections? This post is all about this stuff. Read more!
ASP.NET MVC Web Services (Part #1)
What do you think about ASP.NET MVC as platform for web service based applications? What about JSON Web Services? Possible you would like that. Read more!
The right way to do INNER JOIN in LINQ to Entity
Despite of my last belief, that code will not fly into the production. Why? Because I found the right way to do INNER JOIN in Entity Framework! Read more!
Application Services, to be or not to be
We dropped out Application Layer. And nothing changed. This post is all about overuse of the Application Layer. Read more!
Data Access approaches in our application
We are building regular enterprise application. Domain is boring. The only interesting thing is technologies. Today is a good time to share how we do Data Access. Read more!
Always call IDisposable.Dispose! Sure? No!
Personally, guidance to dispose everything looks bit overwhelmed. I show BinaryWriter as one of the examples of the “broken” IDisposable implementations. Read more!
History of the one LINQ to Entities query
The story about progressive enchantments to the single LINQ to Entities queries. Some sort of stuff to know, when doing LINQ. Read more!
Make your DbPro generated test data look better
Following post is about generating readable data for your staging database with DbPro. You will find list of expressions for the Regular Expression Generator. Read more!
Stuff to know when starting with ADO.NET Data Services
My journey with ADO.NET Data Services. I think this should be interesting for anyone who starts with ADO.NET Data Services. Read more!
My old-old code/projects. The landing page
From time to time it happens, some code becomes outdated. And I have sume of the such code. This post is all about such code/projects. Read more!
Read all lines of the file with Java, Ruby and C#
Compare how to read all lines of the text file with Ruby, Java and C#. Read more!
T4 (Text Templates) - The Beginning
Introduction to the T4 (Text Templates), nothing interesting if you already have used T4 Read more!
Virtual by default, is that good or not?
Discussion (or monologues) about Java “virtual by default” behavior compared to C#. Read more!
Dependency Injection versus Dependency Inversion
What is Dependency Injection (DI), Dependency Inversion (also DI), Inversion of Control (IoC) and so on. Read more!
Templates for Templates. T4 (Text Template) Template for the Visual Studio 2008
Funny thing, there are no templates for the T4 (Text Templates) in the Visual Studio 2008! Well, this fix. Read more!
Today's information magic, stolen in 5 minutes
I stoled book in 5 minutes. Today’s realities. Read more!
DDD: Not in love with the Domain Services! Hope I am not along!
I do not love Domain Services. And this post describes why! Read more!
To be honest, main intent of this entry is not to welcome you… This would be plain boring… Isn’t it? Rather it for the testing purposes. Plus I am not sure that my blog can handle empty pages. Read more!