Not so generic Generic Repository

I know two kinds of people, who use generic repository and who do not. Personally I do not like generic repositories. I feel that “one size feet all” is not a case here.

At the same time I am lazy and do not like to write each repository. Fortunately, I found nice solution that keeps repository custom, but do not need too much code.

I have abstract base repository, with most of the stuff I can predict.

public abstract class AbstractRepository<T>{
	public T GetById(Guid id);
	public Add(T entity);

Then I have very custom repository contract. For example in product repository I have custom method GetByNumber.

public interface IProductRepository{
	Product GetByNumber(string number);
	void Add(Product product);

And I have implementation of the IProductRepository. Because of base class AbstractRepository, I have to implement only custom methods.

class ProductRepository : 

Now, let’s look to the client code. Because client code knows only about IProductRepository, everything generic like GetById are not visible.

public class Client
	private final IProductRepository _productRepository;
	public Client(IProductRepository productRepository)
		_productRepository = productRepository;
	public void DoSomethingSpecial(Guid id)
		_productRepository.GetById(id); // Will not compile