Today's information magic, stolen in 5 minutes

12:26 at Twitter

@bubbl: has released ArgoUML 0.28.1, an open source UML modeling tool written in Java.

12:27 at

Book Beautiful Code on the sidebar. Interesting.

12:27 at

Book Beautiful Code - Description. Well, seems good reading…

12:28 at Twitter

@chaliy: 1 month without books… I need to start read again. “Beautiful Code” is good start -

12:30 at Skype

xxxx: I have 0596510047_OReilly.Beautiful.Code.Jun.2007.pdf, do you need one?

12:30 at Skype

Download completed.

12:31 at Mesh

The file synchronized to all my computers.

12:31 just here

Back to work…

P.S. Sorry for using pirated copy of the book. Also note that xxxx is not real name :).